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Baukje in the mountains of Jasper, Alberta Canada.

My name is Baukje Strawson and it is great to meet you! I have many passions in life, helping people understanding the uses and benefits of essential oils is just one of them.

I reside in the small town of Barrhead, Alberta Canada on a hobby farm with my husband Darren. Together, we have owned a few businesses and enjoy growing our own food. Our vegetable garden is our pride and joy in the summer and come harvest time you will find us canning and freezing our goodies.

On our down time, you might find me on an ATV or Dirt bike… if there’s snow on the ground, chances are you’ll find me on a snowmobile. When we get an opportunity to head to the beach, surfing is the favorite sport there. So you can safely assume I’m a bit of an adventure seeker. Saying that, in order to enjoy all these things, one must be healthy and happy.

Essential oils are used in our household every day.

During my morning Yoga routine to our wind down at night. As you read on you will come to learn what the many benefits of essential oils are and how to use them.

Aromatherapy diffuser necklace
Enjoying my Aroma Couture aromatherapy diffuser necklace… you can get one too! Click this photo and it will take you to fashionable ways to wear your essential oils!

My reason for using essential oils? Well I have a few personal reasons. But my biggest is that I am an asthmatic and am extremely sensitive to artificial scents including perfumes, colognes and make up. They are my asthma attack triggers. And because I am an asthmatic, I have a low immune system, take a steroid daily and basically need the medical system to help me out every once in a while.

Having asthma is not to be seen as a weakness though as I have been living with asthma my entire life. I enjoy everything I want to enjoy. And this is in part thanks now to the daily use of essential oils and my wonderful doctors. Essential oils will not replace my medical needs like the steroid and inhaler, but the amount I use my inhaler has been significantly reduced since introducing essential oils to my daily routines. I have not yet cut out the steroid as per the advice of my doctor and pharmacist. Because an asthma attack can be fatal, I will always have an inhaler on me. Enjoying the cleaner air in my home through diffusing essential oils and learning to use certain oils through inhalation methods when my lungs start to tighten up has been a wonderful new learning curve.

My immune system has been strengthened through the use of essential oils as well. Let’s just say I haven’t been sick for three months and counting! When my good friend suggested I try Young Living and lent me a starter kit I was ill, very ill and taking Advil about 5 times a day just to function anymore. AND, using essential oils has improved my sleeping patterns, taking care of brain fog and enhancing my ability to focus during the day.

I am now a Young Living Distributor and most recently became a brand ambassador for Aroma Couture Jewelry. Between the two companies is how I make a living, so I thank you in advance for your support. I chose to use  and distribute Young Living oils because of their Seed to Seal quality and their farms are sustainable which is huge in my world. These oils are truly the best oils I have come across in my many years of using them. I am fortunate to have found Aroma Couture Jewelry as this is the most wonderful way to wear your favorite oils fashionably and affordably. Their company consists of stay at home moms and believe in only using the best of the best materials.

Now, I think that’s enough about me, let’s get connected so I can learn about you! I am pleased you are joining me, please read on and leave any comments you may have, I am always listening! If you are a fan of Facebook, you will find me there too and are most welcome to send me a message or a friend request. Take care and remember to smile, it’s contagious!

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