Natural Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty with Essential Oils is something all of us seek! And what does natural beauty mean anyway?

Natural Beauty.

This is a loaded statement. I believe natural beauty to be who you are and be true to yourself from your attitude to your make up if you wear it. Using natural beauty products can mean anything at all. My version is using only the purest of pure products or my own recipes.

Natural Health.

Also a loaded statement as this varies from person to person. My version, eat well, drink lots of water and try to stick to the basics. Diets come and diets go. Fads come and fads go. Just stick to the basics. Good food, good ingredients and everything in moderation!

Be true to you.

Find what works and be true to you. This means with food, household products and beauty products. 

There is such a variety of products on the market finding what works can get so overwhelming and not everything works for everyone. This includes essential oils and carrier oils. I personally stopped using ‘just any’ product from the drugstore years ago! I definitely stay away from chemicals as I react immediately with my super sensitive skin. If the product is not natural, it’s not touching my face!

So this means that in my mid thirties, I cannot use those ‘miracle creams’ and ‘wrinkle’ ointments, potions and lotions. What I can use is my own home-made products and a few other products out there. My home made products are nothing more than carrier oils (coconut, Shea butter, veggie oils etc.) and a few drops of honey and light on the essential oils. I will go into more details on the HOME BLOG PAGE as topics and recipes come up.

Always be careful when trying new recipes and products. Apply a small amount on a test area to see if you react to the product. No two bodies are the same, what works for one can have a total opposite effect on another!

I will offer recipes and products on this site, so do know that I have tested these products (especially my DIY recipes and products I have made myself) on myself.  Please use any and ALL products carefully. This means that when you try it,  small doses first!

Coconut Oil
Organic ingredients are a must!

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