Aroma Couture; New Styles have arrived


NEW styles of gorgeous essential oil jewelry from Aroma Couture!!!

My oh my, if you haven’t already gotten a piece of the essential oil jewelry line from Aroma Couture, now is the time to get hooked!  And if you do have, check out their new styles, you’ll want to add to your collection.

Essential Oils bracelet
Fleur Di Lis Diffuser Bangle

Aroma Couture has added more  essential oil jewelry designs  and there are many more to come! Bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and car diffusers, you name it, they’ve added more designs online.

If you love essential oils and want to wear them in style, Aroma Couture is for you! Materials for their jewelry include lava stones, semi precious stones, stainless steel, bamboo and cork. Only the best of the best materials are used and then hand created by THE ladies!  Created for you with a whole lotta love.

Aroma Couture.

Chakra & Meditate

Each piece from Aroma Couture is hand made to order, it’s why they stand out. Want to know who the fearless leader, designer and mastermind behind Aroma Couture? Click the link… Read more about Caroline HERE! You will discover who she is and why she is so passionate about bringing you only the best.

With this company, there is no negotiating quality and the fact that each piece of essential oil jewelry is hand crafted with love per order AND I shouldn’t forget to mention Aroma Couture has THE BEST customer service ever! There’s not much not to love here.

Know who you support.

When you purchase from Aroma Couture, you know who you’re supporting and in this electronic day and age, that is ever so important. It’s easy to lose touch. Buy the cheapest and not care where it comes from or who you’re supporting. Sure, we all do it. Just maybe though, we should be paying more attention to who we support and where we buy from. And in turn, Aroma Couture returns the support through their LOVE to LOVE cause. So go ahead, check them out. You will not be disappointed!



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