Aromatherapy Jewelry

My motto is Smell good – Feel good – Look good! So how can you wear your oils? Well in the most fashionable way of course with essential oils jewelry from AROMA COUTURE.

Welcome to Aroma Couture Aromatherapy Jewelry.  This company if most fantastic… check out their YOU TUBE video! Each of their pieces is hand made to order by stay at home moms. They are real people with awesome vibes! The materials they use are 100% stainless steel, hemp, bamboo, lava rocks, precious stones, gold, rose gold and they use bamboo as the inserts to the locket style pieces.

So how does the jewelry work? Let me explain each type of material and style.

Let’s start with the locket necklaces as they are the most popular.

Diffuser Necklace
Essential oil Diffuser Necklaces are a perfect way to wear your oils all while expressing your style! These necklaces come in a variety of styles and colors to match any wardrobe. Smell Good, Feel good, Look good!

These necklaces vary in style, size and length but all work the same way. Each locket contains a piece of Eco-friendly bamboo  fabric. Place 1 – 2 drops on the fabric and close the locket. There, now you smell great and look good too!

Diffuser Necklace
Add a little bit of style with this Essential oil Diffuser Necklace from Aroma Couture.
Diffuser Necklace
Another unique example of the Aroma Couture aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace options.









Next up, bracelets and their stones…

Let’s talk stones fist. Aroma Couture uses precious stones and lava rock in their designs. The lava rock is where you would put a couple drops of your essential oils on as these rocks are porous.  Lava beads begin as molten rock beneath an active volcano. They are the real deal! Lava beads are said to promote strength and fertility driving away anger. and assisting our connection to ourselves and Mother Earth.

Aromatherapy bracelet
Hematite Buddha bracelet

The Rainbow ‘Hematite Buddha’ lava diffuser bracelet shown is a combination of hematite beads and lava beads. See the large black beads on the left? That’s lava rock and that’s where you would put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy at your finger tips all day long.  The scent will stay on the lava rock beads for a day or two, so apply as you want to!

The hematite  beads on this particular bracelet are also said to have healing properties. Hematite promotes grounding and positivity and it is also said to promote the absorption of negative energies in the body at times of stress and worry.

Combine the lava rock and hematite, this bracelet will give you grounding through the day and adsorb the stresses in the body.

Each and every bracelets from Aroma Couture hold a special meaning and are all made with love.

Aroma Couture aromatherapy bracelet
Aroma Couture essential oils bracelet
Aromatherapy bracelet
Chakra aromatherapy bracelet
Aromatherapy bracelet
Amethyst aromatherapy bracelet







I love stacking these bracelets for more smellgoodness (yup, I just made up that word).  When you support AROMA COUTURE, you support small business. Our fearless leader sources everything, from the stainless steel to the beads, she hand picks it all!

This is ME, enjoying my lovely jewelry at work… I don’t just talk about it, I wear it and sell it too!

Aromatherapy diffuser necklace
Aromatherapy diffuser necklace
Aroma Couture Essential Oil jewelry
Aroma Couture Essential Oil jewelry