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Essential oils jewelry. It is one thing to use in home diffuser and topical aromatherapy methods. It is another to be able to wear your favorite scents all day and night.

Aroma Couture is a small business from Texas made up of stay at home moms. Each piece in their collection is hand made to order. They only use the best materials such as 100% stainless steel, hemp, precious stones, lava rock and eco friendly bamboo inserts.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry
Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry


If you love the essential aromatherapy oil diffuser jewelry, feel free to SHOP aroma Couture. If you would like to know more,  CLICK HERE for my Aroma Couture Facebook page. I know you will love this aromatherapy essential oil jewelry as much as I do and you’re supporting a small business. We all thank you for your support! Send me a message on my Facebook page if you have any questions at all.