Boost Your Immune System; Get ready for Cold and Flu season

Cold and Flu season is approaching, are you ready?

Start with the basics and boost your immune system with Orange essential oil and Lavender essential oil.  Right now save 20% on these two essential oil must haves in your medicine cabinet! Get your immune system in check with Rocky Mountain Oils.

Cold and Flu season is upon us and no one likes to be sick! Talk about a great way to ruin a day off.

Immune System

Catch it BEFORE it hits! Orange Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil give your immune a boost and help you sleep.

Orange essential oil is potent! Ever peel an Orange and notice the oils running from the peel? This is where the essential oil is started. High in antioxidants it helps boost the immune system by fighting free radicals. Be sure to check with your dietitian or doctor before ingesting this essential oil due to its powerful abilities,  but feel free to add it to your diffuser to help clean that stuffy winter air!

Lavender Essential oil is highly known for its calming abilities. It is however also an immune boosting EO, so diffusing this at night not only will help you sleep but also help fight off those cold and flu bugs.

If you don’t catch it though, there’s an oil to help make you feel better too. Check out the FLU TIME essential oil blend. Use Flu time to easy the stress from the mind and body by massaging it into the neck and chest when needed. This blend is a minty and spicy aroma which contains Frankincense, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon Leaf, Lime, Ginger Root and Lavender.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Be a HERO in your home with the help of Rocky Mountain Oils. Check out their Be A Hero Sale happening NOW!  Stay healthy, be well and save 20% on on essentials for your medicine cabinet.  But do hurry as this sale is only on until OCTOBER 17th!

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