Diffuse your oils in style!

Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aroma Couture released their latest styles and they are amazing! I had to share a few photos with you all 🙂

Aromatherapy Jewelry
Diffuse essential oils in style with jewelry


From new Lava bracelets to new necklace styles! And right now, you can save $5 shipping with their online coupon… ACJBDAY!  f you live in the US, then you get FREE shipping until April 30th… no better time to shop than now!

essential oils diffuser
Essential oils car diffuser

Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part… the Car Diffusers are back in stock!!! Yup, toss the cardboard tree fresheners and replace it with essential oils! Take your oils on the road.

For reals, this jewelry is great. And yes, there are cool styles for men and children too! Everyone benefits from a little aromatherapy, why not have it available at your fingertips and look good at the same time. Styles for all personalities from Boho to professional and everywhere in between, Aroma Couture has got you covered, literally.

Who knew the world of essential oils would lead to fashion. When I started using essential oils, not many people had even heard of them. Now, they are in most households. Is is wonderful to see how many people are turning to oils to improve their lifestyles!

Want my favorite blends in my necklace? Peace and Calming from Young Living, Lavender OR I like a citrus mix with a drop of lemon and a drop of Orange. You can change it up at any time, each piece of  Aroma Couture jewelry comes with 11 bamboo inserts AND they are washable and reusable so you can switch up your scents at any time. The lava beads get a day or two of scent time until you have to add a couple of new drops of oil. What are your favorite oil blends to wear? Comment or email me, I want to hear about it! Seriously, I love meeting and getting to know new people, I really do want to hear from you 🙂

Have a wonderful smell good day and evening!


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