Essential oils and Yoga; what to diffuse during your practice

Peace and Calming and my Mat

What essential oils to diffuse during Yoga? Well, the choice is completely yours, but let me share my favorites. Essential oils + Yoga. in my opinion these two go hand in hand!

Diffusing essential oils during your yoga practice can help with the meditative effects and aid in concentration of your Yoga practice. For me, I find it certainly helps my concentration on the process of my flow routine and not so much on perfection of each pose within it.

Peace and Calming and my Mat
Peace & Calming essential oil + my yoga mat.

Let’s start with the obvious oil of choice just by its name… Peace & Calming.from Young Living Canada. This is a heavy scent, so use sparingly, just a couple of drops in your diffuser will do.

This is a blended oil consisting of tangerine, ylang ylang, bluetansy, orange and patchouli. For some, the patchouli really comes out strong, so do take my advice when I say use it sparingly! This scent is said to encourage deep relaxation and may assist with meditation, for me this speaks absolutely true. And from Young Living Canada a little bottle of this  heavenly oil is only $41 ($31 if you’re a distributor). With only needing a couple of drops this little bottle will go a ling, long way!

Frankincense from Young Living Canada.
Frankincense from Young Living Canada

My next suggestion for you comes in your Young Living starter kit… Frankincense! I would say that this essential oil is used the most during my practice. It is a light and calming scent and is also one of the oldest recorded used oils. The Egyptians were known to have used this oil to promote younger, fresher looking skin. Although that is not its application for Yoga, Frankincense essential oil is also said to increase spirituality and inner strength both of which part of the primary purpose through Yoga. Come to think of it, maybe that is why it’s my favorite! Pictured to the right is my little place of diffusing during my Yoga practice. My diffuser sits next to my crystals, yes, I love crystals as they too hold healing properties.

Northern Lights Black Spruce
Northern Lights Black Spruce

Straight from the Young Living farm in British Columbia, Canada comes my next suggestion, Northern Lights Black Spruce.

The Young Living Canada Northern Lights farm in B.C. raises these trees for their purpose of becoming this wonderful essential oil. Every piece of the tree is utilized in making this oil, nothing is wasted. Diffusing this rich and woodsy essential oil scent is most welcoming during my Yoga practice and meditation. When diffused, it smells like you’re in the middle of a Forrest, it is absolutely lovely and very grounding.

Another one essential oil along the same line as the Northern Lights Black Spruce would be Cedarwood essential oil. Cedarwood when inhaled (diffused) can be calming which of course in turn enhances relaxation. This oil too comes from Young Living Canada. 

Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living Canada
Lavender Essential Oil

You’ve probably guessed that I would be chatting about the next one on the list. Lavender essential oil… mix this one with a bit or peppermint essential oil and you’ve got a mixture that will open up the breath during your next Yoga practice.

Have some fun and venture into mixing your own blends to diffuse during yoga. Each and every essential oil has its own unique properties and speaks to us in different ways. What works for one might not work for the next. So get creative and try something new just for you.

Now that we’ve covered a few oil options for you, let’s talk diffusing methods.

Essential Oil diffusers
Essential oil diffuser from Aroma Couture
Lava beads jewelry
Lava beads jewelry from Aroma Couture
Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser.
Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser

Many think that the only way to diffuse is with a vaporizer diffuser which come in many shape, sizes and styles. But this isn’t the only way to get the best of essential oils during your yoga practice! Why not try a lava bead bracelet? I recommend a bracelet for yoga practice vs a necklace as the necklace will get in the way.

Let’s not forget about  topical blending. FIRST THOUGH make sure you’re skin is not too sensitive! Sometimes applying oils directly to your skin can cause a rash. To prevent this.  dilute the oils with a carrier such as vegetable oil or coconut oil. A blending example would be to apply a couple of drops of lavender on the left palm and then a couple of drops of peppermint on the right palm, rub your palms together to blend in this mixture for a wonderful scent that will last through your next yoga practice.

Well, that about covers it for now. I am sure this topic will come up again upon discovering new essential oils to diffuse during yoga! Yoga is something that is part of me each and every day. I have been practicing since my late teens, which brings me to saying I’ve been practicing for almost 20 years! YIKES…

I want o hear from you! Comment on this post and suggest another topic if you’d like. I am listening and I will also respond to your comments.

Below you will also find a few links to some of my favorite yoga mats! Happy shopping 🙂 Take care and have a most wonderful day!

Yoga Mat
I love this print, might need to add it to the collection of Yoga Mats I have!
Yoga mat and beach towel
Here’s a Yoga mat that doubles as a beach towel or even a throw for in the house!
Fancy Yoga Mat
This is a fancy Yoga Mat. Good for Hot yoga and more!
Yoga Mat
Gaiam Yoga Mat, my favorite, they last a long, long time and are reversible!

4 thoughts on “Essential oils and Yoga; what to diffuse during your practice

  1. Baukje, my favourite fragrances have to be frankincense and the peace &a calming one. I got given a diffuser last Christmas (one of my presents), and I have been using oils regularly, purely as form of relaxation, although I don’t practise yoga – too lazy for that. But the oils do relax your mind, looooovely!!!
    But I never knew you could use a few drops on your beaded bracelets. That is a thought which I shall have to experiment with. Thank you for suggesting it.

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying your oils! Frankincense is most certainly one of my go-to oils and Peace & Calming is lovely to wear as a perfume. When using the oils on a bracelet ensure the beads are Lava beads as they are porous and will carry the oils for a couple of days. The oils will roll off of plastic and glass beads. If you do not have a lava bead bracelet, mix a couple of drops of your favorite oil with a carrier such as coconut oil or vegetable oil then apply it directly on your palms. For some Lava bead bracelets options, check out the Aroma Couture site within the page for a variety of bracelet styles. Let me know if you have any questions at all! Enjoy the use of your oils and check in regularly as new posts are published every couple of days 🙂

  2. Great post! I never thought about using essential oils during my yoga practice, but I can imagine that if I choose something that I like then it can really upgrade my yoga practice.
    Thanks for this!

    • You are most welcome Paulina!!! I love diffusing during practice… It actually helps with clearing the mind and then in turn helps me with concentration, clearing the thoughts and focusing on the breath…

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