Essential Oils Storage; perfect for travelling.

essential oils storage

So you have MANY essential oils and you are planning a road trip. What are you going to do? How are you going to pack them? Here are a few essential oils storage solutions for travelling!!!

Bring your essential oils wherever you go!

A road trip does not mean you have to sacrifice going without or having a purse full of your favorite essential oils. Or in my case, stuffing oils in whatever pocket they fit into in my backpack. Why not get a cute carrying case to store them in?

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Aren’t they cool!!! With many to choose from, the color combo’s are covered! This case holds 30 BOTTLES… that’s right 30! No matter what brand of oil you’ve got, this bag carries them all! There is soft padded cloth in the interior to protect the bottles and has the ability to hold all bottle sizes 5ml, 10ml and 15ml essential oil bottles.

I am guilty of stuffing my oils upside down in my backpack… and yes, they occasionally leak spilling the precious cargo! Not that it’s a bad thing, my backpack smell great 😉 BUT it would be nice to have control right?!?!?!  That’s where these handy dandy carrying cases come in! You can get smaller ones also, but I prefer to carry many as you never know what you’ll need!

However, if you only want to carry a few, here’s another suggestion for you!

This one is good for the micro packers. This essential oils storage bag holds 10 bottles and is also great for roller bottles.  And they come in a few wicked colors!

So never leave your oils behind again! These are some awesome essential oils storage solutions for travelling. No more spilled bottles, no more broken bottles and no more having to choose which ones to take… bring them all!

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