Lava Bead Jewelry

Lava bracelets from Aroma Couture

Lava Bead Jewelry, wear your favorite essential oil.

What are lava beads? Well they are exactly what they sound like. Beads made out of the lava from active volcanoes. Volcanic lava beads  worked hard under extreme temperatures to get to you 😉

Volcanic Lava

Lava forms at  over 1000 degrees Celsius beneath an active volcano.  The molten rock begins to melt and then works it’s way up to the earth’s surface by erupting and flowing from the volcano. Once the lava meets cooler air, it begins to solidify and then through crafty hands, lava becomes beautiful pieces of jewelry for you to enjoy! Lava beads are thought to promote strength and fertility, too drive away anger and assisting in the understanding of a problem while strengthening our connection to the Earth.

It’s really quite an amazing journey the lava bead takes to get to us!

Lava beads jewelry
Lava bead bracelets.

The beads, once formed, are added to a line up of materials including silver, gold, hemp and more then mixed in with semi precious stones to be crafted into aromatherapy necklaces, earnings and bracelets. You know which beads are the lava beads by their porous texture and they are generally black in color. The lava bead(s) in any style of jewelry is where you would add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. The scent usually lasts a couple of days. Change it up and mix a couple (e.g. Lavender and Peppermint essential oils combined) or any of your choosing of course! The lavender and peppermint oil mix is one of my personal  favorites. Another one I like to carry is Frankincense. We can all us a little Frank. in our lives 😉

The wonderful thing about the bracelets pictured above and to the right is that you can wear more than one! Stack them to make a fashion statement and get more scent around you. I like to wear three. Three seems to be the magic number for me. But you can wear however many you like! Wear them to work, wear them at the Yoga studio or just wear them at home.

Lava beads and Jasper Mala diffuser necklace
A Mala necklace with precious stones and Lava beads.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t like bracelets? Try a necklace instead! Necklaces come in different materials such as gold, silver, stainless steel and more! Not a necklace person, well, there are earnings with lava beads as well!!! There are too pieces of jewelry that contain the lava bead, too many to talk about in a general post,  I will be doing reviews on each product more elaborately in due time…  for now, cruise the selection online!

At  Aroma Couture,  each piece of the lava bead collection is made by hand to order right from talented jewelers and all of them are stay at home moms in Texas. Another bonus of each piece being hand made? Custom sizing!!! We are not all alike and one size doesn’t fit all. Let them know what size you’d like and they will make it just for you! Custom made jewelry, how cool is that?!?! Aroma Couture uses nothing but the best, Eco-friendly materials so you know your products is not only customized to fit, but will last a long time for you to enjoy.

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