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Rocky Mountain Oils

There are many essential oils companies to choose from. So why Rocky Mountain Oils? There are many reasons but this is probably one of the best; Rocky Mountain Oils tests each and every batch of their essential oils. These essential oils get tested from a verified third party, independent lab for each product!

This means, you only get the best of the best in the world of essential oils. They take their commitment to quality very seriously!

Each bottle has a batch number.

Rocky Mountain OIls
Rocky Mountain Oils

On the bottom of their bottles is a batch number, this batch number can be traced on their website or by contacting their office by phone or email. Seriously, who doesn’t appreciate the extra step to ensure the product you are using is PURE? I know I do!

GC/MS test verify that the purity and quality of the oils that Rock Mountain Oils sells. This way you can be sure that the product you are getting is of the highest quality available on the market today!

Why is this important? Because marketing is a wonderful thing. With the right marketing, you are able to showcase your product however you want and use words and labels that make a product sparkle and shine! This also means that that with this sparkle and shine, you can be fooled into buying a sub-par product. Now, I am not calling anyone a fool, I am simply stating that there can be HUGE quality differences between products. Just make sure you get the best essential oils for you and your home.

The third party testing process from Rocky Mountain Oils does just that. You can see for yourself what goes into each little bottle and you can rest assured that only the best of the best is within it!

Rocky Mountain Oils Premium Tested Products seal
Rocky Mountain Oils Premium Tested Products. Third Part Verified.
Rocky Mountain Oils SAAFE Guarantee
Rocky Mountain Oils S.A.A.F.E. Guarantee

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